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From zero to PokerHero - PokerHero.eu

PokerHero is designed for beginners. Here you can learn the perfect preflop game plan for beating microstakes – a place you should start when learning winning poker strategy.

It is really important that at the beginning you keep your preflop range tight. This gives you a big advantage over average players.

You can start to loosen up your ranges after you have learned the basic tight aggressive approach, but first learn this particular range and stick to it 100%. We can guarantee that your results will improve a lot and you will start to understand better how professionals play.

* More than 10000 different hands

* Hand history with correct decisions

* Range pictures by positions

* Live score tracking

* Correct answers after every decision

TOP scores of this month!

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The score is calculated as follows: All right hands x (success rate/100) For example, if you play 2000 hands with 70% success rate (1400 right answers) you get 980 points. (1400*70/100)=980 points

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